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Posted: Monday, November 21st, 2011 at 7:12 pm. Filed inThemes.

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More Custom Headers, Color Schemes, & Theme Improvements

by Ian Stewart

We want everyone on to be able to find the best theme possible for their blog. Something beautiful, amazing, and cool. A theme that makes you want to jump up, run your laptop next door, and show your neighbor your awesome blog. That’s why we love bringing you so many new themes, why we have over 150 themes for you to choose from, and why we have even more on the way. It’s also why every day you let us know different ways we could make all our existing themes just a little bit better. You contact us in support, add your suggestions in the forums, comment here, and — of course! — blog about it.

Because of all that we took as many of those little bits as we could and made our incredible collection of 150-plus themes even better for you.

More Custom Headers and More Color Schemes

We know how much you love customizing your themes and making them your own so we made sure that our best, our most popular, and our most beautiful themes let you do just that. The Custom Header Image feature lets you quickly add your own personal stamp on a theme. We went and added it to themes missing it that could really use it and use it well. You’ll now find that it’s available in themes like NotepadTitanSimplaGrid Focus, and Chaos Theory.

And if you’re using the Modularity Lite themeInuit TypesSpectrumBouquet, or Vigilance you have new bonus color schemes to choose from. Coraline alone got five brand new color schemes!

Make sure you try out all the new design possibilities these color schemes bring to Custom Design.

Even More Theme Improvements

There were even more theme improvements. They were slightly smaller but good things come in small packages. Things like improving the custom header feature in our most popular theme, Twenty Ten. You can now change your header text color or even hide it altogether with a visit to Appearance → Themes and just a few clicks.

Sometimes less can be more

We also added Post Format support to the Spectrum theme. There are more customization options in the Structure themeMisty Look, and Fruit ShakeOcean Mist has customizable Featured Images for each post’s header image. Our most popular themes now have better comment labeling when comments are turned off and better author highlighting for multiple author blogs — making them perfect for blogs that are more like small business sites or magazines. And — and there are even more theme improvements that were done. Too many to list here!

We’ll keep on bringing you new themes. Keep on letting us know what you’d like to see improved with them. :)

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