This is the personal blog of Karri Thygersen, Producer, Editor, Photo Journalist

Videography and News Broadcast and Media Production

News Publishing for Print and the Web

Photography and Art Production








  1. MOST BUENOS Kari… This I’ll look on2 for my Gardiner Collection, as Joanna and I need a web presence at no cost to do the mega-link thing…

    C/O the YAHOO Flickr site I use for Xhibiting Gardiner Collection sale items:
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/gardinercollection of sum 90 items (at this moment) of which this iz just a ‘smidgen’ of sale items wez collected as R ‘savings retirement account’ for sale.

    Also C/O http://www.allplanet.com my good Bro’s (Gabreal Franklin is the Commander and I’m the Cadet) website for synergies of videography, especially surf stuff, as.wez been working on several SURF ART & VIDEO DOCUMENTARY’S for many yearz now, including R Jday interviews 2B posted in the future…

    B SAFE… san Diego iza LOOOOOOONG wayz from home…

    BANZAI… Tommy G.

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